Hunger is a political choice

Hunger has been an ongoing — and growing — crisis in Canada for decades.

Right now, more than four million people are experiencing food insecurity in this country. At any given time, people in one of every eight households are unable to access enough food to meet their needs because they simply can’t afford it. In Toronto, those figures are even worse: one in five households struggle to put food on the table.

Most alarmingly, 17 percent of children across Canada lack regular access to healthy food, putting their growth and development, ability to concentrate in school, and mental health at risk.

Food insecurity in a wealthy province like Ontario is more than a matter of material need — it is a matter of justice. Race, disability, and immigration status intersect with poverty, leading to disproportionately high rates of hunger within marginalized communities.

Simply put: food insecurity is a direct result of poverty — and poverty in Ontario is a political choice.

Eradicating poverty

To reverse the trend of rising hunger, we must demand that our government make different choices, and a firm commitment — backed up by tangible actions and policy changes — to dramatically reduce poverty.

At Daily Bread Food Bank, we know that to end hunger, we must end poverty.

We have learned through the COVID-19 pandemic that government action in response to a crisis can be swift and decisive — clearly demonstrating that when there is political will, we can make bold policy changes to meet people’s most urgent needs. We must adopt an equally bold and transformative approach to ending hunger in Ontario — by taking urgent action to end poverty now.

Take action now

Ontario has a Poverty Reduction Strategy, but, disappointingly, it fails to commit to a meaningful poverty reduction target.

Daily Bread is advocating that Ontario cut poverty in half by 2030.

By signing our petition, you’re sending a clear message to the Premier that food is a basic human right — and that Ontario needs to make poverty reduction a top priority.

Join us and help us reach 25,000 signatures so that Daily Bread can deliver your message directly to Queen’s Park, the legislative Assembly of Ontario.

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Help Daily Bread Food Bank reach 25,000 signatures by telling the Premier to cut poverty in half:

No one should ever go hungry in a country as wealthy as Canada.

We need to address chronic food insecurity by tackling its root cause: poverty. I call on the Premier to commit to cutting poverty in Ontario in half by 2030.

This campaign is hosted by Daily Bread Food Bank. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others.

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