People in Canada are being kept hungry

Food insecurity has been an ongoing — and growing — crisis in Canada for decades. In fact, 1 in 5 people in Canada expect to rely on community food programs in the coming months as a result of rising prices.

Access to food in a country like Canada is more than a matter of material need — it is a matter of justice. Race, gender, immigration status and disability intersect with poverty, leading to disproportionately high rates of food insecurity within marginalized communities.

Daily Bread member food banks fill an important, urgent and rising need by getting food to people who would otherwise not be able to eat. But, on their own, food banks cannot solve the chronic problem of food insecurity.

In fact, community organizations across the country are struggling to keep up with the demand. Last year, food bank visits in Toronto increased by 47% compared to the year prior. This level of growth is unprecedented, as historically food bank visits in Toronto rarely increase by more than 5-10%.

We simply can’t allow this to become the new normal. Poverty — which is the root cause of food insecurity — is a political choice that needs to be addressed.

It’s time to take food insecurity seriously

To ensure that no one in Canada goes without food, we must begin by recognizing that food is a basic human right — one that should be embedded in all municipal, provincial and federal poverty reduction strategies.

In 2020, government decision-makers took some important steps in addressing poverty and food insecurity. We also now have a National Food Policy and poverty reduction strategies at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

If access to adequate food were recognized as a right in Canada, we would all have even stronger leverage to advocate for clear poverty reduction strategies that will end food insecurity for good. Because only by addressing food insecurity across all levels — from our local communities to federal policy — can we bring an end to it once and for all.

In particular, we need community support to create a holistic approach grounded in economic and social resilience in all communities — because we know that governments won’t take action until communities come together to demand it.

In order to urge all levels of government and communities to take food insecurity seriously, we need your voice.

This movement needs you

Right now, government poverty reduction strategies for both Canada and Ontario don’t have specific targets around decreasing hunger — nor do they recognize food as a right that all people in Canada should be guaranteed. City governments are also looking at how to approach the issue.

But a growing movement of food banks and community organizations like Daily Bread are working together to change that. We need the power of people in Canada to make a resounding call for the human right to food.

It’s time for all of us to join the momentum of the growing movement for food as a human right.

Add your name right now.

YES! I’m joining the movement to end food insecurity in Canada — because no one should go hungry.

Food is a human right. We need commitments from municipal, provincial and federal governments, but also increased community support — to address food insecurity from all angles. Today, I’m joining the Daily Bread Food Bank in calling for an end to food insecurity in Canada.

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